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Saturday, December 28, 2019   /   by Charlotte Rose

Gifts and Gadgets for Every Room in the House

Are you searching for new and innovative gift ideas this holiday season? If so, check out our list of the hottest home technology offerings. We’ve selected a few of our favorites for every room in the house.

These smart systems and devices add comfort, convenience, and a “cool factor” that will delight your friends and family.  So think about who you know that loves the latest gadgets … or add a few of these to your own wish list!



Ensure the safety of your loved ones with these smart security upgrades.


Smart Lighting

Ring, a company best known for its video doorbells, has added smart lights to its series of integrated devices. The Ring Smart Light System includes motion sensors, pathlights, spotlights, and even step lights, which can be turned on and off using voice commands when paired with an Amazon Alexa device. Users may opt to receive a notification when motion is detected on the premises, and& ...

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Saturday, December 28, 2019   /   by Charlotte Rose

5 Steps to Finding Your Next Home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, shopping for a new home can feel daunting. In fact, 56% of buyers said that “finding the right property” was the most difficult step in the home buying process.1
Buying a home is a significant commitment of both time and money. And a home purchase has the power to improve both your current quality of life and your future financial security, so the stakes are high.
Follow these five steps—and complete the corresponding worksheet offered below—to assess your priorities, streamline your search, and choose your next home with confidence.
STEP 1: Set Your Goals and Priorities
The first step to finding your ideal home is determining WHY you want to move. Do you need more space? Access to better schools? Less maintenance? Or are you tired of throwing money away on rent when you could be building equity? Pinpointing the reasons why you want to move can help you a ...

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Saturday, December 28, 2019   /   by Charlotte Rose

Everything You Need to Know About iBuyers and the “Instant Cash Offer”

Technology is changing the way we do almost everything, and real estate transactions are no exception. In fact, a new crop of tech companies wants to revolutionize the way we buy and sell homes.
iBuyer startups like Opendoor, Offerpad, and Properly are rapidly expanding into new territories, and now established players, like Zillow, are starting to get in on the action. Also known as Direct Buyers, these companies use computer algorithms to provide sellers with a quick cash offer to buy their home.
While the actual market share of iBuyers remains small, their big advertising budgets have helped create a noticeable buzz in the industry. This has left many of our clients curious about them and how they work.
In this article, we explain their business model, weigh the pros and cons of working with an iBuyer, and share strategies you can use to protect yourself if you choose to explore this new option to buy or sell your home.

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Friday, December 27, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

What You Need to Know about Home Inspections

A home inspection is not a pass or fail grade. In fact, it's often like a school report where you may get an 86% on a test. Consider the following myths about home inspections, both as a buyer and a seller, to get the best out of your transaction.

Myth #1 - You can Fail a Home Inspection

As we said above, a home inspection is not a pass or fail. Home inspectors determine the condition of the home and provide a report on defects and necessary repairs. It's up to the buyers to determine if they want to continue with the home as-is, work those repairs into the contract, or walk away from the deal. 

Myth #2 - The Seller Will fix all the Defects

Just like we mentioned above, this is something to bring to the negotiation table. Not all repairs will be fixed, (that sticky door handle may be worth fixing yourself for instance.) But major repairs, such as a leaky roof, should be part of the negotiation that the seller fixes before the contract is done. This, however, is nul ...

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Friday, December 20, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

Updates to the City of Clermont's Master Plan

We've all seen the construction downtown right? Here are the latest images from the City of Clermont's Master Plan. 

Currently under construction, the Art Walk. The Art Walk will break ground by 2020 with estimated completion by the end of 2020. This festive new walkway will celebrate our local artists with plans for a covered pavilion and an open-air space for vendors to set up their tents. There will be an opportunity for donors to get involved and be recognized with their names along the path.

Free WiFi, in progress.

Kehlor Recreations Center on 466 Minneola Ave. Amenities will include a multipurpose room, restrooms, and storage. Popular Champions For A Lifetime senior programs held at the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center have been expanded to the new Kehlor Recreation Center.

The next part of the Master Plan strikes at the heart of our Downtown. The proposed improvements include streetscape, landscaping, bathrooms, lighting, upgrades fo ...

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